450AP vs 450D vs 450b FPGA Path_Mapping

Can anyone explain this one to me. Furthest left is a 450m AP, middle is a 450D SM, furthest right is a 450b SM, both SM's are on this same AP. I stumbled upon this while troubelshooting an issue on a different AP where it doesn't seem like the H polarization is transmitting(ticket is open). It looks like the 450D SM matches the AP but the 450b is swapped. Not sure if it even matters but if there is an official explanation that would be nice.

Dunno why it's swapped, but it doesn't matter (with 450 at least)... it will work fine regardless of port swapping on the polarities. That's the magic of MIMO :-)

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This is different due to how the hardware, PCB, FPGA, and RF connectors are specific to each product. 

I agree for 450 product family it does not matter even if paths are crossed as the product operates just the same. (With the exception of 430 which operates only on one path.)

Also, please don't expect official explanations for everything that is found in an engineering dump file. We dump information that may or may not be correct or even apply to that specific hardware, so lots of information may be out of date, incorrect or misleading. For example, this mapping doesn't even apply to 450m, but is left printing there from older products.