450AP water intrusion

Ok on the original 450AP, there is alot of known documented cases of the gortex breather hole on back leaking water. Was this only on early units and has this problem been corrected on later units or is this a design flaw that essentially will contiunally keep failing?

Very early on, there was a manufacturing aseembly issue where the locking ring was improperly installed, leading to the patch coming off or dislodging over time, resulting in water intrusion.  That was corrected by both manufacturing process changes, and a refinement of the locking ring part itself.

From what we've seen and heard about lately, the only issues have been to units that are extremely old and in extremely harsh environments.  Due to continual expansion/contraction of the material interfaces and continual exposure to salt, wind-driven rain, and other environmental issues, the product seal has failed somewhere.  If it's under warranty, Cambium will stand behind the product quality.  If you're experiencing any issues, please open a ticket with support by clicking "Submit a Request" at the top of this page.

I have many new old stock 450 APs that have never been deployed but are well out of the factory 1 year warranty. These units are so old that they still have the FSK connector. I am afraid to deploy them because of this potential issue. Would it be safe to just silocone over the breather hole on the back so that it essentially doesnt breath anymore therefore no chance of water getting in that way? Is there any downside to doing this in my climate in Ohio?

The other thing i thought about doing was drilling a small drain hole in the bottom of the unit so that any potential water intrusion had a place to escape. Doing that would certainly void any warranty (units out of warranty anyway). I guess i am looking for advise from Cambium about how to deal with this, I probably have a dozen or so of these about half deployed and half never deployed. If i can get assurance that cambium will RMA the units to fix this flaw i won't modify them in any way but if they are going to throw the out of warranty line out there then i will take matters into my own hands on modifying the cases.

Please advise how i should proceed.