450b 3Ghz recovery mode doesn't work

Getting really frustrated here. A tech set the LAN to some unworkable config, can’t get into the device. Just want to factory reset it but nothing works.

This is the 450b in 3Ghz. Plug in for 10 seconds, unplug and plug back in pretty quick, just waiting for the PSU light to go out. Doesn’t work. Tried 10 variations of this, doesn’t work. Anyone offer up any ideas here?

There’s no real trick. Once you have it in default mode it will respond on and let you choose to boot normally or to reset the config. Follow the steps closely. Don’t think your PSU light will go out in time, just remove power apply power quick.

tried everything. a little faster, little slower, changing cables, unplugging supply from wall vs cable from supply. I have 3 of these that are ‘bricked’ practically, new out of the box. Tech made the same error on the LAN IP/NAT config on 3 units.