450b and F300 lost connection to Maestro

Hi I have 3 450b SM no longer connecting to Maestro. Running 22.1 Beta 3 on both SM and AP.

Looks like I have a Force 300 25 doing the same thing… not connecting to Maestro, must not be a 450 issue.

cnMaestro cloud? Does the 450b SM have around or more then 15 days of uptime? Is it running in NAT mode?

As to the F300, what firmware is it running?

Sorry yes cloud version…one of the 450b SM has uptime of 10 days the other is 5 hours but that is because I was just onsite earlier but not to work on the SM, was doing some local network setup and had to move the power supply, so definitely unrelated. Yes NAT mode on the 450b and the Force 25. The F300 is running

Does rebooting the PMP450 SM result in it being able to connect to cnMaestro? Same with the F300?

Hi, my apologies in late reply and not updating sooner… we did reboot the units last night and they did reconnect to Maestro. Thank you again!!

Regarding the PMP450 SM running R22.1-B3, we are tracking an issue that after so many days, in your case 10… but in our case sometimes 15, some (but not all) SM’s in NAT mode will no longer be able to connect to cnMaestro. A reboot clears the issue. Cambium engineers are aware of the issue and are working on a fix that will hopefully be included in the final release of 22.1.

As to the F300 running… there was a similar issue with cnMaestro running 4.7, but I thought it had been resolved in… so I don’t know what to tell you about that. If you experience more ePMP radios on that stop communicating with cnMaestro, please open a ticket.

Roger that and thank you for the info/insight. Cheers

Looks like this has been addresses in the new BETA-5 release

CPY-18449 Some SMs running 22.1 BETA-3 can’t connect to cnMaestro


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