450B disable one uplink polarisation

Is it possible to disable either the vertical or horizontal signal chain on the 450B?

We have two nearby sectors on the same channel due to 3GHz spectrum limits in New Zealand. The 450B SMs have a directional high gain pattern, so downlink isn’t an issue. However, the sector antennas have a wide pickup. Ideally, we’d like to run the uplink from 450B SMs for sector A on vertical polarisation and for sector B on horizontal polarisation.

Just FYI, the 450b 3GHz HG is a dual-slant (±45deg) polarized antenna.

So it is possible to disable either polarisation A or polarisation B on the uplink?

No, it’s not possible to disable individual chains in the GUI. @Charlie is there a way via SNMP or the CLI to do this?