450b High-Gain dead out of the box?



Ethernet blinks, and the power light just slowly pulses. 

Is this an RMA?

I have never seen that behavior before... it's not normal. I would say open a RMA ticket, yes. 

I have inquired of engineering to have a look and see if they recognize this failure mode at all, but haven't heard back yet, and didn't want to leave you hanging.

Just got confirmation that engineering wants to see that radio... I have contacted support, and they will be in touch with you.  Thanks for posting.


Please open an RMA ticket at https://support.cambiumnetworks.com .   I will be sure to get the RMA pushed thru and get a tag on this so my team can capture this unit.  You will be given instructions once the ticket is opened.



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I have 4 of these with the same behaviour.

Please submit an RMA with the instructions further up in this thread.