450b Installation Note

If you are installing 450b High Gain radios, and the receive signal levels do not match expectations (or are not matching what LINKPlanner is advising), this may help optimize the signal.

We have determined through both internal testing and customer site visits that there may be opportunity to improve the receive power signal on the 450b, both 450b High Gain and 450b Mid-Gain, by adjusting the installed height of the radio during the aiming process. Typically, installers will mount the radio in a fixed height position, then align by moving the device on a fixed axis. However, raising or lowering the 450b device may increase power levels by up to 4-6 dB at a range of 6 to 36 inches of movement. An installer can mount the device and peak the signal at that point, then move the device up and down to further peak the signal level. Once the optimum height is determined the installer may fine tune the aim to reacquire the peak signal level.

Note: the level of improvement available will vary depending upon the terrain in the area around the site. A 4-6 dB increase in downlink receive power may not be typical, and is typically less noticeable when using Mid-gain vs. High Gain.


Further to this, if you're trying to reconcile the difference in gain between this product and the 450d, you can find some additional data in THIS THREAD.