450b omni microPOP cable gland

This appears to be an ODS gland with about a 1/4 inch hole for the cable. This is too small for shielded cable like the Shireen DC-1042 that we use on towers. The gland design is a pain to assemble up on a tower in the cold and wind, but the cable not fitting through the rubber insert is a killer. We end up reaming it out with a 5/16 drill bit, but that is not optimal.

It appears to be maybe an ODS P/N CGP-M02506 which accepts 0.45-0.65 mm dia cable. We probably need P/N CGP-M02507 which accepts 0.66-0.86 dia cable. None of our usual distributors like Allied, Newark, Mouser, DigiKey, Automation Direct, etc. seem to carry ODS glands. Any chance Cambium could supply the larger gland with the radio, or at least sell the larger ones as a replacement part? Or use a totally different gland, like the ones on the PTP820/850 product line? I always have a bunch of those left over, but the thread is different than on the 450b.

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