450b QOS set to 100 kbps

Hi all, I set a 450b SM QOS to 100 and 100 kbps, saved it and rebooted. Now the SM is showing offline and I cannot get to it. Any ideas?

I rebooted the 450m and the SM showed “In Session” for about 5-7 minutes. I did not reconnect to Maestro… it is now back to being idle.

Can you please share a screenshot of the SM’s Quality of Service page?

As per my original post I cannot get to the SM, ill probably have to truck roll.

So even through the AP proxy/backdoor you are still not able to access the SM?

Yes that is correct, so strange. Ive done this a million times on epmp radios with no issue.

So once we truck rolled we could access the radio locally and I set the speed back to what is was prior and the radio came back online. Very strange occurrence, I usually do this when customers are overdue on their bill and its just enough to make it unusable but enough to keep it online and accessible to set the QOS to regular speeds.

You should use something like Cambium QoE so you don’t have to rely on access to the radio to enforce speeds.

Thank you for your response. I will definitely take a look at that. Just a bit confused on why this would happen, have done this process a lot on epmp system and never had an issue.