450b SM local Access

Has anyone noticed this issue before?  After initial setup of an SM, I can only ping it locally if it is connected to the AP.  If I reboot the AP, I can continue to ping it for a few seconds, it seems about the time it would start scanning is when I lose it.  It will not respond until it attaches to the AP.  The only setting I can find in there is the SM management from ethernet, and that is enabled... and no IP filtering.  

do you have

Default alternative LAN1 IP address :

enabled? And are you on 15.2 (there were bugs in it pre-15.2 with the alternate ip working)

sorry, forgot to include that yes, I have seen this on previous versions, but am not testing 15.2.

I do not have default alternative LAN1 IP address enabled, but have considered enabling that recently as we converted 1 AP to use dhcp on the SM's.  So in this case, it would probably be best to enable that.