450b SM's as BHM/BHS PTP?

Hey there,

Pretty sure in the past we had been told that the 3GHZ 450b High Gain SM’s were able to be used in a BHM/BHS PTP type setup.

Today I attempted to use the CBRS tool to request a grant for a 450b SM as a BHM, but when I go to submit the tool, it fails saying “Failed: cannot import PMP device as PTP as bhm”


What is the propper procedure for getting a couple CBRS 450b SM’s granted as BHM/BHS PTP mode in the CBRS tool?

Go to the onboarding queue and delete the device and then you will be able to add it.

If its already on boarded delete it, it will be re added with the CBRS tool

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Wow, I could have sworn I tried that, but sure enough, that did the trick, thanks!

Yeah, know that feeling well have a good one.