450b's stop responding in field. Can't boot into recovery / TFTP documentation

I have five 450b SM's that stopped working in the field. When powered the power light slowly flashes amber. The ETH light slowly flashes red.Only one of the SM's I can boot into the recovery console. From there I'm not sure how to find the correct bin file to flash over tftp. Can someone provide me documentation on this and any information on why this may be happening? Also, because I am unable to boot the other SM's should I RMA those devices or is there another process I can go through that may allow me to boot them into the recovery console? Thank you

Firmware: 16.0.1

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Just wondering if you have opened a support ticket for this issue yet?
I wouldn't mind digging into this to see what the cause of it is and to see if we can recover these units for you.


I have not. I replied to the other message you sent me directly.

Had this issue a couple times, only option was an RMA

Looked like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlE40j5qyCY

I have just experienced the same issue with a 5Ghz 450b high gain radio in the field. It’s showing the same symptoms as described with the “power” light faintly flashing orange and the ”eth” light solid orange. The “ses” light comes on for a moment sometimes. I can’t gain access to the web interface and the 450b recovery procedure didn’t seem to work either. Any ideas?


Do you currently have a ticket open with our helpdesk in regards to this?
If you have a ticket open could you PM the ticket number and I will have a look at the case for you.


I've also got a 450b high gain that is exibiting interesting symptoms. Was purchased and installed. 8-17-19 and blew up a few weeks ago. I was able to get into the recovery console this morning but for some reason I cant now. Power light is on, ethernet is blinking fast red.