450d SM (C054045C013B) showing Sustained Data Rate <= 4000 kbps

We have a new batch of 450d SMs showing "Sustained Data Rate <= 4000 kbps"

They came out of the box running 15.0.3.  Is this a kown issue?  Fixed with a software update?  Needs licensing fix from Cambium?  Installers had a used unit on the truck to swap in on their first install, but I need to know if they should keep rolling for the day assuming we can fix this over the air or if I they should head back to the warehouse and reload with a different batch of SMs.  

Yes, there was a programming issue that affected some of these units.

The solution is to apply the proper license key.  This can be done over the air, you'll just need to provied the MAC address of the affected radios.

Please contact support.  They are aware of this issue and can send you the keys.


Submitted a ticket.  How long should this take?  Wouldn't it be possible just to make one universal license to fix the issue?  

Unfortunately, once the radios leave the factory all licensing is based on the MAC address of the individual radio.  It shouldn't take long to correct though.

Do you have the ticket number by chance?  I searched for your name in the ticket database but found nothing.  If you provide the ticket number I can follow up with the engineer handling the case to ensure it's resolved promptly.

Chuck Hemesath

Director - Customer Support

Never mind.  I found it.   I see that Hugh opened the ticket. I will follow up with the team and get this pushed to resolution.



The support engineer has just provided the updated license to you.  Please let us know if any other SMs experience the same problem and we will fix them promptly.