450i 3.65GHz AP Downlink Data

Hello.  Today I am working with a 3.65GHz 450i AP.  We normally operate our standard 450 AP's Downlink Data % @ 80%.  The other day I needed to replace a 450 AP with a 450i AP.  On this 450i AP, operating in v15.1.3, we find that our maximum allowable downlink data % is now 75%.  I am wondering if this is normal, or if I am missing some release note.  I see that up to 85% is an option in v15.1, but ony a max of 75% in v15.1.1.  I went back re-read the release notes for v15.1.1 and no mention of this.


I think this was a bug that should have been fixed in 15.2

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Thank you.  I had applied a Beta version of 15.2 and it wasn't on there.

I applied the Official15.2.1 and I am now able to set the downlink % to 85.

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