450i 3G AP CBRS

CBRS has been active on the ap for little over a month now. we have a few customers on an ap that have called in reporting issues with connection. looking at the ap signal is great for all customers lower -60s. these customers have had issues with sessions staying connected to the ap. looking at the event log on the ap it gives and error Could Not Reserve DATA VC, Sending Reg Reject. The ap never had any issues before we turned up cbrs.

What version software are you running? There have been some hiccups with CBRS code that have been corrected in the latest released version (now 16.2.3). If you’re already running this code, and still having issues, I suggest opening a support ticket.

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we are running 16.2 right now we will update it. thank you

Please let us know what happens and if you’ve been able to resolve the issue.

Updated yesterday to 16.2.3 did not seem to resolve the issue unfortunately. We will open a ticket and ill update on here when issue is resolved.

We have the same issue on more than one (BH mode on a PtP link) 450b 3.65’s. We too are opening a ticket but I was wondering if there was an update from Aaron King since opening a ticket. VIP customer so looking for quicker than 24 hour response time if possible.

The issue we were having was in a location we were using GAA. We changed our frequency and haven’t had any issues since. Outside interference was the issue.

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Thanks for reporting this information Aaron. It may help others that are in a similar situation.