450i 3ghz integrated vs connectorized

Anyone have any recommendations or observations as to any performance difference between the connectorized or intergrated version of 450i 3ghz AP?  For this installation, 90 degrees is pretty much all we would need so not sure if it would make sence to look at 3rd pary antennas that may go as much as 120 degrees. But, if anyone has found other benefits of 3rd pary antennas, that would be great to hear about. Thank you.

We like 450i w/integrated antenna... or if you think you're going to grow quickly, just get the 450m w/o the MU-MIMO license and hang that... when you need more capacity, get the MU-MIMO license.

One reason NOT to go with a 3rd party or wider beamwidth antenna, is that if you then want to go upgrade to a PMP450m MU-MIMO, you might not get the best results. Cambium's designed the 450m to be a drop in replacement for the OEM and 450i antenna patterns.


Thank you Eric, that is exactly the type of answer I was looking for with regard to our deployment in the near future as well as considerations for the future and expandibility etc... 

In addition to Eric's comments, the integrated 450i has a Cambium designed antenna with good null fill (most antennas have significant nulls between side lobes in the radiation pattern, especially in the elevation plane towards -90degrees leading to customers in close proximity to the tower having poor signals and low speeds; Cambium antennas with good null fill minmize/eliminate this problem), and strong F/B ratio of 35dB, conducive for freuqency reuse with synchronization. Also, since it's one single integrated device you don't have to deal with jumper cables, weather proofing, and additional points of failure.