450i and Mobile Workforce Connecting

We are putting our thinking caps on here and trying to come up with a solution to a small problem. With our old valley floor system it was a wifi system which meant that our techs could roll up on a site and connect with their phone or ipad to complete maintenance or do wifi calling if no cell service was available. With the different Cambium technology we can't quite pull this off with the 450i. I’m wondering if anyone out there has this kind of a set up or some sort of solution with Cambium that allows a mobile worksite. We could set up a 450b and a router and have the techs align each time they come up to a site, but wondering if there is something less cumbersome.

Any ideas or thoughts on something that could work for this?

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Have you thought about using the 450i connection to install an enterprise indoor and/or outdoor cnPilot WiFi Access Point? e600 or e700?

I didn't even talk about our setup in my original post, but we are dealing with 160 or so outdoor sites, so to put an additional wifi AP at each site is probably not reasonable. I guess we could identify only those sites that don't have cell service, but I would imagine we are still looking at a decent number since we are doing last mile with these sites.