450i Configuration Suggestions

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Ted, what kind of speeds are you getting and what size channel? I had confirmation that the config looks good and agreement that our test environment is weird. I think we are going to try a parking lot test with direct LOS and if we get good enough numbers then maybe we'll put it on the tower.

The issue that I think we are seeing is also that we assumed we would have way better speeds with the advertising hype that we would be getting 100Mbps on a 20Mhz channel.


If its a parking lot test, how high are the radios from the ground? Remember that 900 MHz is a lower frequency and has a much longer wavelength than 5 GHz. Think of it as though you are holding a rope horizontal/parallel to the ground. As you move the rope up and down on one end causing a sine wave, the slower you do it, the more the probability that the rope will hit the ground. If you do it at a higher frequency, the waves will be shorter and has less probability of hitting the ground. So you need more height off the ground to avoid reflections or scattering off the ground. Is it possible to get it a little higher off the ground on a tall pole for instance?


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Everything I have tested so far has been in the office, so not particularly ideal. We hope to get outside for a test and I will keep this in mind to at least raise it some to see what kind of improvement that brings.

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Most of our 450s are 3.6 GHz, running on a 10 MHz channel at 75% down, and we're getting 49 Mbps down on 256 QAM and 37 Mbps down on 64 QAM.  Getting into the higher modulations is extremely important with OFDM equipment, and that is what is killing your capacity.


Ap is using 4.9 to 6ghz 90degree/120 degree sector antenna and the sm is using Cambiun network 10 degree high beam integrated antenna

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