450i integrated sector AP

Does this product exist yet?  I see it on the website and the 450i AP spec sheet, but is it actually available?

What I'm wondering about is antenna performance, I can't find any patterns, and the spec sheet has limited information.  Apparently it is 90 degrees at 3 dB points, not sure about elevation pattern and whether there is any null fill.  I did see a slide saying the F/B ratio isn't adequate for frequency reuse, which is disappointing.

What is the intended use for this product?  Just small size?

I'm trying to figure out a solution for a tower adjacent to town where I need one sector to serve customers from about 500 feet to 1 mile away, from a height of 165 feet.  Currently with the standard Cambium sector I have problems serving customers close to the tower, HPOL is poor and best I can get is 3X MIMO-A with unstable SNR graph.  If I increase downtilt to something like 10 degrees, I fear I won't hit the far edge of town.

I suspect the integrated sector product isn't the answer, but it would be nice to know what the antenna pattern looks like, what use case it is intended for, and whether it even exists yet.

I'm wondering if this is intended for an urban rooftop to hit a handful of high bandwidth customers, similar to point-to-point but serving more than one customer close together.

OK, Streakwave shows 6 in stock, so it exists and is available.

But what does the antenna pattern look like?

The integrated sector was envisioned for those "one off" installs, where there is no need to do frequency reuse.  Examples would be using an AP and a handfull of SMs to link to security cameras, or a stand alone AP in an ispolated area. 

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To expand on this a little... Alan's right, this is intended to be a compact and easy to deploy solution, but cannot be used in a "frequency re-use" scenario, because the front-to-back isolation of this antenna just isn't good enough.

It's a 14" square antenna, as pictured below: 

The Patterns look like this:


What is the beamwidth in the elevation direction?  Any null fill?

The Elevation is 8 degrees, there is no null fill.