450i intermittent communication problem

I have a group of SM’s off the same AP that have communication problems. When local to the SM I can not see or get to any device on the networks beyond the AP. From bot sites I can see the AP and get to it. If I telnet to the AP and then telnet from the AP to the switch and then from that switch to any site and start a ping back to my local switch I can then reach that device but only the one pinging back? I have compared the SM’s and AP’s with others in my network and they appear the same yet this one AP is still acting up no others. Running version 16.1. It appears that this AP is blocking arp requests or loosing arp information with the local switch and both SM’s but I can’t find any setting that would cause this and comparing with every other AP and switch this location is configured the same but not working the same.

Suggestions maybe?


Looking into the engineering file and comparing it to another AP. It appears the AP having issues is not registering the SM’s with the private rf IP and neither SM is showing in the RF arp table? Is there a configuration to fix this or is this AP not working?

Take a look under CONFIGURATION -GENERAL -BRIDGE CONFIGURATION and compare your settings there. That is the only ARP control I’m aware of on the AP. SM ISOLATION being enabled in the same section can also block access from the SM to other SM’s on the AP.

I did compare those settings and they match other sites. Is it possible that the GUI is reporting falsely and it’s actually set or blocking?