450i Passthrough Port

Is one able to daisychain APs together?  We need to save a wire up the tower until the transition is fully done, and daisy chaining the APs would be best.  Thoughts on this?

Today, you can daisy chain the sync signal by using the Aux port following the cabling pinout in the User Guide.

Daisy chaining power/data and sync is something that is not there yet but will be available in the 14.2 release, and will be in the first 14.2 open beta when that is ready.  If you want to power two 450i APs from one power source you need to remember a few things.

1) you'll want to use the 60W supply

2) The aux port if the 450i is only capable of 100Base-T, so you won't be able to get a sector throughput higher than 100M in a given direction from the daisy-chained AP.  This is probably not a problem for 20M channel depending on your duty cycle, but will be something to note if you try 30MHz in 14.2.

We demonstrated this capability (daisy chaining power / data) at Wispapalooza, so it is possible and is coming soon!

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