450i SM w/dish and bewilderment of new product releases

Any plans to make a SM for 450i 3Ghz or wideband 5Ghz that will look similar to the 450d SM? Some leaked Wispapalooza slides from Oct. 2016 showed plans for low cost SM for the 450 platform, right?  When will we get details of this?

I just purchased a 450i 3Ghz AP and I had to find out about the product from our distributor since there is no information on Cambium's own webpage about it.  I'm assuming it works just like the 450i 5Ghz but how am I supposed to know the advantages or benefits?  CMM5, same thing.  I don't get it.  Unless you are combing the Cambium Community forum for details or watch entire webinars about 10 seconds covering a future product and leaving us wondering if we should purchase existing products or wait for something down the line, how are people supposed to know about new products or changes to products and how they interact with existing products? Surely you guys know a month or two ahead of time before you go to market with a product, right?  Therefore, a simple heads up would suffice.  Just trying to help.    

Come to WISPAmerica... we will talk about this during Animal Farm.

Regarding information on our site, we updated the 450i spec sheets to include the 3 GHz version.  I am happy to answer any questions you might have on these products.

I agree that we can be doing a better job with product announcements, organization on the site, and marketing in general over here... 

I'll be there! I saw the product details last night on the web.  Do you guys plan on having any webinars on the 3Ghz PMP 450i and CMM5?  I am interested in hearing about the details of different sync options with the CMM5 product.