450i storage temperature rating?

Hello Cambium Community,

I was reading the specifications of the PMP 450i and was looking specifically for the storage range. Specifically, is the 450i rated for storage in ≤ -40°C/°F?(it rarely hits this though, but just in case)

Looking at keeping these out in the winter for Antarctica after the summer season instead of taking them inside.

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First, +1 for Antarctica deployments of Cambium Networks equipment!!

While I would like to say things should be fine, I can't guarantee anything.  The main reason is that nearly all of the component specifications (i.e. the parts that are used in the radios) only go down to -40 C.  I have spoken to several of them, and they all say, "It should be no problem to store lower than -40C, but we can't stand behind it because that's what the spec says."

Unfortunately, we are in the same boat.  We believe it should be ok, but if something does break, our specification is -40 to +85C storage temperature, and that's what we can support officially.

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The forum would LOVE to see some photos of Cambium gear running down there... if you have any, please post them!