450M 3GHZ Deployment DC Power/Fiber Questions

We are deploying 4 PMP450M 3Ghz radios - 4x90 degrees. Our rad center is at 450 Ft and are looking at options for both power and data. We are going to either:

A. Run this shielded cable with Fiber/Power from our enclosure to each individual radio. 

B. Run Individual DC Power cables to each individual radio and connect each radio to our existing EdgePoint16 via very short copper cat cables at the top of the tower since we will already have fiber/power to it for our 5Ghz stuff. 

C. Some way to run one DC run into a junction and power multiple radios and still feed the radios internet from our edgepoint or direct runs of fiber only?

My concern is future growth and needing to bring individual fiber and power runs to every radio as we grow. 

Any recomendations for wire guage going 450 Ft? Also, it appears we will need to ground it at the midway point. To "Ground" at the midway point - would this just be connecting the negative to a tower ground near by? I'm obviously sort of new to DC/Grounding. 

Thanks in advance, 

All ideas are welcome here. 


PS - We do have a company contracted to handle the grounding, eletrical, etc. I am just asking for my own information.