450m 3ghz snr

We are fairly new to the 3GHZ world. our SNRs are all over the place. One CPE could be very low in red, to yellow, then green. Two of our radios can “see” one another but they have 200 mhz seperating them. It’s constantly changing. If I do a spectrum analysis at the clients home, the only thing that comes up is the radio we are connecting to. Any advice?

same customer.

If you haven’t tried already, I’d recommend trying the very same Spectrum Analysis from the client side, and turn off your AP. You may find that there is another AP in your area, that is only visible when yours is turned off.
That is where I would start.

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I’ve moved the AP’s around in spectrum and I can see the spectrum change - the literal only thing picking up are my own AP’s. I did turn one down to low power and run a spectrum analysis and literally nothing. I moved from 3.5 to 3.6 and it’s the same thing. Speed tests are fine, everything “seems” to work fine but the SNR goes red to green constantly.