450m constant DFS hits

I am trying to run my 450m aps in the 5.4 band on 15.1.5 firmware. I replaced 4 legacy 450 aps running in 5.4 band as well on firmware. I put secondary channels in there as well. I would get the occasional dfs hit on the old aps but i just swapped 4 out yesterday and have been riddled with dfs hits all night. I read that some poeple had better luck on 15.0.3 so i upgraded a few a still got a dfs hit half hour later. The spectrum is clean when it does this. 

Any advise besides running them in 5.7 band? I already have a ring on 8 450 aps running in 5.7 on these sites so i was hoping to keep it that way. Wondering if anyone has had success run the 450m in DFS band.



Hi Jake, 

To date, we've not had any reports of PMP450m false detecting. I think that the 15.0.3 thread that you've picked up on was in relation to the PMP450i - which should have been addressed with the 15.2 release.

It would be interesting to see what sort of radar pulses you're seeing. If you want me to take a look, can you download some diagnostics from the radio and send them to me:


Best regards


Thank you for the response. 

I want to upgrade to 15.2 soon. I first have to switch my whole network to AES since we have always done DES. Once i do that i might try using 5.4 again. I managed to get the Medusas all running on 5.7 along with the 8 5.7 aps i already had. It is working surprisingly well. Thank God for GPS sync. 



Just curious on the reasons you do AES encryption, rather than just leave it without over the air encryption. 

Hi Matt,

Do you mean why we don't just leave the airlink serurity set to none instead of DES or AES specifically? Our Aps have always been set up with DES and pre-shared key since the day i started working here. Since 15.2 eliminates DES i figured we would just switch to AES.