450M contention slots vs 450i, more needed due to multiple transmit/receive at same time?


On 450M, are more contention slots needed vs 450i, due to multiple transmit/receive at same time?


Hi Tim,

Good point. It may be advisable to increase the number of contention slots, assuming you have a link that will be UL slot limited.

However as we have better gain in the scheduled UL slots and the capability to do multi SM contention slot decodes then you shouldn't have to increase the number by as much as you may have first thought.  It will also depend on the traffic mix etc.

So if you are seeing a 3x improvement in DL throughput, think about up to x2 UL contention slots. Unfortunately we don't have any models that take all the possible scenarios in to account to give a definite answer so there will be some experimentation needed to see what is best for your network(s).



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