450M Customer offerings

Just curious what everyone is offering to their customers for speed packages when deploying 450m and 450b HG antennas?

We are typically offering 50x5Mbps at a tower oversubscription rate below 8 for residential areas in a 3 mile radius. Most of our deployment has a pretty high noise floor for 3.65 and 5 ghz so after 3 miles we don’t offer anything above 25x5 out to 6 mi and beyond that, we offer best effort 10x2. If we are using them in a business area we typically try to keep the over sub rate below 5 for a tower just to ensure service reliability.

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We offer up to 40/8… we could probably do a bit better but we’re staying a bit conservative because we operate a legacy network with older SM’s, high client counts on AP’s, not the best modulations for all of them and the lack of local fixed wireless competition offering higher packages. If we were to deploy greenfield, we’d probably offer plans up to 100mbps down and maybe 10mbps up, but we’d be much more strict about this distance, modulation quality, and AP density, etc. in order to be able to consistently deliver that tier of service.

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@Eric_Ozrelic @Robert_Saunders
Thank you both for your info/advice!