450m Downlink transmissions

Hi all, I have about 36 mbps down going though my medusa and I am at 95% frame utilization and I cannot figure out why. I do have one SM that has poor signal, rolling out tomorrow to fix, but can one bad egg ramp up frame utilization that high?

Put simply, yes. If an SM is running MIMO-A mode and/or the AP can’t track it correctly for a MU-MIMO group, then the AP will serve it packets in sector mode.

Thank you for your reply. I am not sure if that was the problem… earlier today the SM I was referring to had -78 receive power, max receive power of -71 and an SNR of 10/15… now it is this

The SM is showing 8x/4x MIMO B, I forgot to check its status on that earlier, my apologies

Something is up, I have some SM that have good signal but terrible SNR but the next day or a few hours later their SNR is good, I have some SM that stay excellent day in and day out…

one other SM the Signal, max receive and SNR drop, ie -72/-68 10/15 (that was earlier today) now its fine…

Thank you again for insight and taking the time.