450M Failure Rate?

I'm curious if anyone else is seeing what seems to be a high failure rate on the 450M APs? We've been deploying sites since last fall and have had 1 AP sent back for repair and returned, 1 is being repaired right now, I just submitted for another one to be repaired and today my techs are going out in the field to replace one we think is failing. We have about 40 deployed, so we are near 10% failure rate.

All seem to be showing the same symptoms of just not being able to stay up, they will go down and we can bring them back up by power cycling through the CMM, but it becomes an issue when an AP needs manual intervention to stay active. Each time a new radio goes up all cabling is tested and after testing good it seems to support the new APs just fine, so I don't think it is anything on our install/plant that is causing an issue.

Cambium has been easy to work with for sending back for repairs, so I'm not complaining there, though I'm not sure if I ever heard what the issue truly is. Curious if anyone has any feedback to add to this.

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We've had to RMA 2 out of 13 PMP450M Access Points, but not for those symptoms; each of our issues was with MU-MIMO. The first one simply couldn't connect to any SM in MU-MIMO (but all worked fine in SU-MIMO), and the second one only had a problem with one of the 7 internal radios (most SMs were working properly in MU-MIMO, but the overall sector capacity was reduced). Cambium was easy to work with on these, but yes, having to do a tower climb to replace is a pain

We are using the official Cambium power supply on all of the units, not the CMM5, and we have never had any issues communicating to the APs, although we did encounter a few snags from ancient surge supressors which we had forgotten were in the signal path, and they caused some Ethernet issues until they were removed. It doesn't sound like you have any legacy gear in the line causing any problems, though. 

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