450m has reached the top?

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450m has reached the top or we can expect new improvements? Like 10x modulation and best UL MU-MIMO number of groups at 30/40 mhz :-)

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We are always looking for ways to improve 450m, and have a few ideas in process now.  Hopefully, another incremental bump in performance will be able to make it into the next release (R16.0.1).  This is targeting for 3-4 weeks from now.

Further continued improvements will be seen in R16.1, which is the next major release, adding features across the 450 family of products.  

Because this platform is a software defined radio, we can continue to push the hardware further and further...


Yes, lots more to come.

There should be some significant 450m improvements this year.

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Any chance a webinar with a updated roadmap is planned? Personally i'm most looking forward to the auto-contention that got delayed, but i'm interested to see what realistically is planned to keep pushing performance over the lte competitors.

Thank you all for the answers

2.4 Ghz PMP450m ??? Pipe dream, but I sure do want it come true!

@Neil Capell wrote:

2.4 Ghz PMP450m ??? Pipe dream, but I sure do want it come true!

Dunno if you've seen the 450m for 3GHz and it's size... they had to reduce the array down to 8x8 and it's still a monster, bigger then the 5GHz version... I can only imagine how big a 2.4 version would be, and they'd have to reduce the array even further to fit in a managable form factor.

It would probably look something like this;



Haha yeah I knew it would be a monster if they could make it.  I've put up a couple 5Ghz 450m's, and they were sizable.  So when I saw the 3Ghz units, I could see the writing on the wall, and knew I would be truly dreaming to think a 2.4 version would ever be availble.

C'est la vie!

After a some time with a few PMP450m's in our network, and seeing how well for they perform in comparison to a standard PMP450 AP,I have come to some conclusions...

1) PMP450m Kicks Ass.


2) I don't care how big it would have to be, I would use a PMP450m 2.4Ghz.

Think about it, why is size the hurdle?  We deploy 4' & 5' dishes for Backhauls on a lot of these very same towers, and we don't seem to care about that. 

How big are some of these LTE sectors some manufacturer's sell?  The answer is that they aren't small either.

Perhaps I am grossly underestimating how big it would need to be, but I can't imagine it being so big that it's an issue.

The point I guess I'm trying to make, is that if the product existed, I wouldn't look at it and say "oh it's too big for use on my tower, I don't have room".  Tower space has never been an issue that factored into my choice of equipment for my deployments, so I can't see how it would be any different with this theoretical product.

So, in closing, I feel that if Cambium produced a PMP450m in 2.4Ghz, I know I'd be buying a bunch of them, and I'd be making space on towers if I had to. 



I doubt you'll see a 450M 2.4 anytime soon. In addition to the large size it would have to be, I don't think cambium feels there's a good forward market for 2.4GHz unlicensed spectrum.

I think you'd have better luck convicing Sakid and the ePMP team to release an updated version of their radio based around the AX WiFi standard. The more people that ask for it, the more likely it will come about.

Not really interested in the ePMP platform or anything based on WiFi to be honest... PMP450 has the stability and throughput we need so I don't think it would be the best decision to step away from it to a lesser radio. 

Don't want to hurt anyones feelings with that, it's just my opinion.

PMP450 > ePMP