450M Legacy Mode? Pre 14.x SMs???

As mnay you may know we got hit hard by hurracaine Maria, during the recosntruction, we are replacing 450 APs with 450M.  But he have stumbled into the issuee that 450M does not support Legacy Mode customers!, 

Any workaround this? 


Could you provide a bit more info on the SMs you are trying to connect to. E.g. hardware, software and radio parameters (DL%, range, contention). This will allow me to do some testing here in the lab.

The best I have done so far is to get a 450m talking to a 430SM or 450SM running 13.4.1.

No promises but I'll have a go and see if I can help in this situation.

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Are you saying that you can connect a 430sm to a Medusa?

If so, how did you do it and does this have a negative impact on the Medusa?



Hi Mike,

It is a feature of one of the upcoming releases. We have tried it at a couple of trials sites with good results, so could have got a build to Gino to use if he needed it.

The 430SM is not capable of being supported in MU-MIMO so will bring down the sector capacity compared to all 450SMs. However some customers with mixed 430/450 SM sectors see this feature as the best upgrade path from a 430AP. Those clients with the larger data plans can have 450SM and take advantage of improved sector throughput as MU-MIMO kicks in, while not having to replace legacy hardware (430SM) on lower cost plans in the short term.

I'd hope it should be released this year.

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