450m or cnWave 60ghz For Town Deployment

Hi all, just curious what would be the best deployment for a town setting between 3GHz 450m and 60ghz cnWave? Potential of 300-400 customers, some nLOS and NLOS. Would like to offer 50-100mbps packages for download. Tower/Hub location would be central in town so the furthest SM would be around less than a mile from the tower.


I feel like 60Ghz will have a very difficult time in that scenario. The range on 60Ghz mmwave is like 500 Metres (1/3 Mile), and it’s not typically deployed in a manner we’re used to seeing for a fixed wireless deployment with one Hub covering a whole town.

60Ghz AP’s can only take 30 Subs, which is a tremendous limitation on paper when compared to a 450m. Now, it is arguable that you can even get the performance you want from a 450m with 30 Subs, but in my experience with a 5Ghz 450m’s on a 40Mhz Channel, the AP would barely break a sweat delivering 50Mbps to 30 Subs.

There an obvious difference between the two 450m AP’s in terms of their MIMO capabilities, but I still feel like the 4x450m’s will be a better choice over an 60Ghz deployment.

A combination of 5Ghz AND 3Ghz 450m’s would be the game-over solution if you ask me(which no-one did hahah), but that’s a very expensive deployment.

But I also surmise that it still could be more expensive to do a turn-key 60Ghz deployment(micropops all over), vs a one-tower 3 and 5Ghz 450m deployment. No doubt it would depend on many variables.


Thank you for your reply/insight. Yes I definitely agree that single tower/hug with 450m would be ideal. In researching the 60ghz I was intrigued by a few examples of a town scenario that looks just like my potential town project and was also impressed by the speeds that could be delivered to customers.

The example I was looking at had a setup with multiple hubs backhauling and distributing throughout the town, and as you said could be quite costly, but the amount for down/up that could be delivered to the customer has me considering it. But the main hurdle for me is that the town does have trees, not a heavy woodland situation, but large rowed poplar trees with a few large evergreens in the mix.

Again, I appreciate you taking the time to dialogue on this subject.

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