450m Overall utilization stat

I would like to have a single metric to view either via web GUI, SNMP, or cnMaestro, or even better all 3 that show whether an AP is approaching max total utilization to know if we should be prepping to add more to the area or not. I have read the white paper and it is not clear how to combine the metrics to find whether or not they are coming to some kind of maximum. If I am just too dense to understand it and someone could write out the logic of how to combine all of the metrics to find that info for me that would be fine as well.

So there are a few things that we look at to give us an idea of how ‘full’ our PMP450m is.

  1. On the AP, under Statistics → Spatial Utilization under the section SPATIAL UTILIZATION HEATMAPS. Watch the heat map during peak hours and look at the utilization from left to right. The more yellow or red you see horizontally, the more groups are at or near full utilization.

  2. On the AP, under Statistics → Radio under outdiscards Count statistic. The more/faster that this counter increments the more likely one or more groups on your 450m AP is at or near full utilization.

  3. On the AP, under Statistics → Frame Utilization frame utilization section. If the downlink and/or uplink frame utilization is at or near 100%, then the more likely that one or more groups on your PMP450m AP is at or near full utilization.

By watching these three things during peak hours it gives me an idea of how “full” a PMP450m AP is.


I understand the heatmap but wish I could look at it more than an hour oustide of its window like pulling a report weekly or monthly, regarding the discards i thought those were more like malformed packets than full send/receive windows getting dropped portions. And according to the white paper and our experience the frame utilization if its less than 100% its definitly not over full but if it is at or near 100% then you have to start looking at other stats to know. I am trying to find a jumping off point something like the following logic if frame utilization is above 95% and (mumimo gain is less than 2 or there are more than 5 sm’s in one bucket) then you are at maximum in at least 1 spatial sector.

We have noticed during low usage times our frame utilization has a tendancy to go up but from my understanding this is due to sumimo vs mumimo. We have a frame at 100% [[su][su][su][su]] or a frame at 50% [[2xmu][2xmu][empty][empty]] covering the same level of traffic. The second one occurs more during peak times while the first is our morning slump.