450M reboots when enable CNUT AP/SM autoupdate

So we made the leap!  We put the Medusa AP we have had sitting in our office since the spring on our tower.  We have moved customers over and the signal quality is just stunning!

We would like to move our SM's from 14.2.1 to 15.1.1, but when we enable the autoupdate on the AP the reboots.  We have loaded the latest CNUT version.


What version software is the AP on at this moment? 

We will try to reproduce this and figure out a solution for you...

Hi silowireless,

The Medusa hardware will serve you well!

What software version are the Medusa and SMs at? Is the Medusa at Canopy 15.1.1 with the SMs at Canopy 14.2.1, or is something else? I'm attempting to reproduce your described situation on a lab setup.

Yes... 14.2.1 and Medusa at latest. CNUT is latest build

Hi Matt,

Yest Medusa is at 15.1.1 and SM at 14.2.1 ... hence why I want to autoupdate.  It's really weird.