450m SFP Ethernet dropping

We have a 450m that we just started losing the Ethernet link on the fiber port. Using single mode fiber SFP. The switch sees the Ethernet link drop, but still sees about -8 dBm light. Bouncing the port on the switch does not recover, but power cycling the 450m does. This AP ran without any issues for about 4 months prior. We have 1 other 450m’s with the exact same setup not having any issues.

We have the 450m and the AP set for auto-negotiation. Wondering if we should lock to 1G.

Though unlikely, have you tried switching it to another port on the switch to rule out a bad port? Also has the optic been changed out?

Yes, swapped both SFP and switch port at the bottom with no change. Now a reboot won’t bring the link back up at all.

Could it be a cabling issue? We usually swap port, optic, and then replace cable before engaging Cambium support for an RMA.

Agreed, they are climbing the tower now to replace the SFP and test fiber. Hopefully, that is it.

I was mainly wondering if others have seen similar issues and if it’s generally better to have the Ethernet port set to auto-negotiate or fixed 1G.

We have all of ours on auto-negotiate. One time massive interference did cause the connection to drop out on the cable, but that was an outlier.

We leave it set to autonegotiate as any time you have to force it to a specific negotiation, it’s either because you’re having problems, or it will cause problems eventually.

Turns out issue was bad SFP in the AP. We’ll leave at autonegotiate.

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