450m sync

Hi Guys.
I am going to install 4 x 450m on a site. I have limited frequency and will need to sync but I’m wondering what’s my best option. UGPS or CMM5?

For a full ring of four 450m units, I would highly recommend the CMM5.

This device will provide power and sync to all four units.

You'll need the following:

1) 56V CMM5 Injector, C000000L556A

2) UGPS, 1096H

3) and the large Power Supply N000000L101A (which is the one capable to provide enough wattage for all 4 units).

If you want to manage the ports, and/or add additional injectors to this site in the future, you could also add the CMM5 controller: Part C000000L500A.

See your reseller for additional details and pricing... hope this helps.


Hi Matt

Thanks for that. for the CMM5 do you need separate psu for the CMM5 and Ap’s. I’m familiar with the cmm4 but not the 5.

The part I quoted above is a 600W supply that will supply power to the CMM5 injector as well as 4 PMP 450m units.... you don't need to buy any other power supplies for this setup.

If you add an additional injector to power 4 more 450m, it would be advisable to add another (separate) power supply for that one.


Thank you