450sm's Disabled Ethernet is passing bridge tables-shutting down entire network

we have had 4 cities entire networks taken down by upgrading from 15.2 to,

we run backup 450sm's to sites, that we can bring up be enabling the ethernet port to access froze up backhauls and etc,

As we upgraded each city the disabled ports started passing bridge table entries shutting down the entire network (while the port is disabled) until we go onsite and physically disable the port on the switch that is being fed from the Cambium 450sm device.

We have used this configuration for many years and have never experienced an issue, until this upgrade,

Each time cambium gets way off target asking if the ports status was (set to disabled during upgrade) and various off topic answers rather than dealing with the bridge table leak that is destroying the usability of the product.


 Hi tcknudson,

Could you please send me engineering.cgi file from the SM(s), to balaji.grandhi@cambiumnetworks.com.



I sent the two that are still in place, the other was removed as thought to be defective based on your tech support personel denying an issue, have two still in place. one shut one network down this am when we brought main fiber up, it is a back to a fiber fed site. so ethernet is always disabled.

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I have discovered this also this morning. I sent a crew out to replace the radio and the same thing happened when the new radio attached. After turning the ethernet interface back on the problem stopped. This shut down the whole sector when this happened. I have not found any other mention of this except here. This needs to be added as a bug in release notes. My install is a similar situation where the SM with the ethernet disabled is a backup link in case of a failure on a primary.

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Honestly thats a pretty nasty bug, should probably be mentioned on the download page.

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FYI, we’ve identified an issue and fixed it in 16.0.1. The latest BETA does not contain the fix (sorry, it just missed the cutoff), but the next BETA (and official release, coming within the next 2 weeks) will contain the fix.

Thanks for the heads up from all of you guys, it was instrumental in getting this locked down.


Everybody keep an eye out for Canopy 16.0.1 Build Official some time in the next day or two which resolves this issue. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!