450v Deployment

You updated all the SM’s to R24-beta4?

SM’s were not on beta. they were updated overnight, and signals are back to normal with the 450v.

Just waiting for 6ghz approvals now to test the real thing!!

Thank you!

after a few hours of the 450v in place, although the signals all seem good now, it has rebooted at least 4 times with “fatal Error” … opening file with cambium We will keep running the rock solid 450i for a while longer i guess.

Hello, could you help open a support ticket with engineering.cgi from the reset 450v AP for us to investigate further?

I updated a 450v AP from 24.0 BETA-3 to BETA-5 and it lets us configure 6 GHz (both U-NII-5 and U-NII-7). We didn’t purchase any 450v SMs yet so I can’t test if it’s really enabled.

Is this a mistake? I don’t see anything in the release notes about it.

Also I don’t see anything about the AFC in the AP menus anywhere, and cnMaestro doesn’t seem aware of 6 GHz, the second carrier, or the AFC yet. It’s almost like the firmware is intended for experimental licenses at this time.

One additional observation, I don’t see where we can set the 2 carriers for different channel widths. That is going to be a limitation if trying to utilize 5 and 6 GHz, we would need to use 20-30 MHz in the 5 GHz band, but 40-100 MHz in 6 GHz.

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Hi Ken,
Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We found an issue that inadvertently exposed this for FCC devices which will be fixed in a new Beta build soon.

As far as the mismatched channel bandwidths, that is not part of this 24.0 release, but is a capability of the platform we have on our development roadmap.