45mbps OFDM experience

I want to install a 40 mile near line of sight shot with two OFDM radios. If anyone has experience in this area please help me out. The specs say it should work but I’d like some practical feedback.

I have several links in place the furthest being 75 miles. What do you need? how near line of site? The best advice i could give you is take a gps reading ot both sites along with the height on the structure you will be mounting to desired threwput or budget. Once you have all this info either have a propogation study done or do it yourself. Orthogon who makes the 45mb unit has a link estimator tool but it is only available for dealers. You basically put in all the info along with antenna specs and it will tell you what kind of performance to expect. I think and tend to forget that most of the people on this forum have IT experiance and less RF experiance. Our business is RF but i do have expeiance in IT also. Go to orothogons website and under solutions read some of the case studies maby after that you will have an idea if you can use the units.