4625 Input Voltage range?

Has anyone operated the 4625 SM using a .5 amp, 24v, 2 pair POE?
Been working great for several days now as an AP in a PTP link : )

Quite a nice option if replacing 24v radios.
They MAY also work well directly off a 24 Vdc solar system, ie 27-30 Vdc.??


The datasheet indicates that the supported input voltage range is 27~59 volts. All of ours are running at customer’s locations powered from mikrotik hap ac3 routers providing 24v out. They work reliably in this configuration.

Hi Jacob- I see 44V–59V, 13w on the data 4625 sheet. Does your show 27-59 Vdc?

Can you confirm your switch puts out 24 vdc on 2 pairs?