5.2 20 BH and DFS

I have just received a pair of 5.2 20 mgb Back Hauls with the latest firmware on it and i noticed that there was an option of for the alternative DFS frequancies. and i did not program any on the BHM, then today it sensed radar and stopped transmitting for 15 minutes, then scanned for another minute. i would program the alternative frequencies but i am running 3 5.3 back hauls off of the same tower and don’t want to cause any interference to my other back hauls because the one sences radar, also i can not have 300 customers to be down for 16 minutes. is there any way to disable that feature on the back hauls?

as of my understanding the 5.4 is the only band that is required to have the “radar avoidance” by the FCC. Why is canopy now implementing this on all there new equipment

is anyone also experiencing the same issue?[/img]

will this effect 5.2 AP’s and SM’s? I cant imagine telling my customers they are off for 15 minutes because of a radar.

yes it does, i have just 1 5.2 ap out there and the option is there so i programmed them for the 3 non overlapping freqs,

there is a work around that i have found, by setting the region to “other” it looks like it disables the DFS feature.