5.2 Adjustable Power????

we have been recieving these mixed in with our shipments of 5.2’.s externally the only difference is they say made in canada as opposed to mexico. but the problem is about half of them the transmitter output only goes up to 5. the other half goes up to 23 like a normal 5.2 even when we put one of the 18db motorola dishes on these they STINK. IE we installed one yesterday with the aforemention dish, SM stats were -48 jitter 1 (2x enabled) now i log into the AP and it sees the SM at -72 jitter of 6 . We see this quite frequently with these radios. And if we dont put the dishes on them they AP will only see the unit in the -80’s. Ive looked and looked and looked on motorola’s website to find any documentation on them and only come up empty handed. What are these stupid things, why were they made. and for heavens sake WHY arent they labeled different and shipped like a normal 5.2

if any of you guys knows anything about these lil buggers id appreciate it

What are the country codes set to?

nothing. they come loaded with 7.2.9 or 7.3.6 . its like theyre N.O.S thats been sitting in a wharehouse somewhere.

I dont know whether they ever did this with the 5.3 SMs, but this sounds a lot like the 5.2 extended range backhauls- low power to keep from going over FCC EIRP limits when using a reflector dish. The benefit is in the extra receive gain that the dish provides. Not sure why you would want this with an SM except to help out with multipath/interference issues.

nothing? none of you guys has ever had one of these units?

Isn’t 5.2 limited to a lower power in the US?

i believe so. but we order all of our stuff from US suppliers.