5.2 BH 2 hop link will not work??? grrr

So we have a private link to do for a customer, two end points with a midpoint hop. Our rep gave us 2 5.2 BH and 2 5.2 BH Extended Range. The first hop is 1/2 mile, the second is 8-9 miles. I read the manual, and saw that it says you cant colocate bands, I thought this was a misprint and should have been frequencies, to be safe, shot out an email to our rep this AM, got no response.

We colocate out Alvarion and Tranzeo BHs all the time with no propblem as long as we maintain frequency seperation.

So i set up the System in the shop, A. 5.2 on the first frequency ans timing master generating sync B1. Timing slave pushing sync B2.Timing Master recieving sync from th rj11 port thats connected back to b1 and set to the last frequency C. Timing slave Works great at 40 feet apart

I dont understand why when we called moto tier 1 and tier 3 support they tell me this just wont work at all, with there being such a dramatic frequency seperation. Why can we colocate tranzeo and alvarion with no problem yet this is such a sin with Moto?

They say that it will kill the signal for the other hop, but it almost sounds like theres some crack being smoked.

Somebody please explain this to me and thell me there is a workaround.

BTW the second hop is extended range with reflectors, so its within the distance capacity of the radio.

Yes you can co-locate. Put the two masters at the midpoint, Set one to generate sync and set the other to receive sync at the timing port then build a timing cable that goes between the two masters.

Or sell the customer a CMM, put it in the middle where the two masters are. Set the masters to receive timing pulse through the Ethernet port. Done.

Steve, when something sounds that wrong it usually is.

Do you have other 5.2 equipment on any of the three towers? If not, and I understand you correctly your link will be fine. Use frequencies as far apart as possible .

To clarify (schematics are always best)

BHM1 —> BHS1…sync…BHM2 —> BHS2

BHM1 is set to generate sync
BHS1 passes sync to BHM2
BHM1 = Channel 1
BHM2 - Channel 6

If any of these towers have access to sync from a CMMmicro, then I would use that as the initial sync source and then propagate the sync out from there.

we went to put in the link today, never got it finished since the customer decided to close shop on us (I never could understand customers who want you to get something done, but only during their business hours, and they like to put in the kicker that they cant have any downtime during business hours either)

Anyhow, I ran the spectrum analyzer at the midpoint, and it was beautiful, there was no 5.2 at all, we did talk to the customer about the interference potential, and they are willing to turn the short link to 5.7 which will solve the issue. But hopefully we will get to put up the 5.2 in the above fashion (BHM1 —> BHS1…sync…BHM2 —> BHS2) just to insure it works and put some heavy traffic across it.

I just dont like it when companys tell me I just cant do something, especially something that doesnt make sense

thanks for the input

If you are going to pass sync (not use a CMM) then you will want to do the following:

BHS -> BHM (Generating Sync) Sync Cable - BHM (RX sync) ->BHS.

You never want to collocate a BH Master and a BH Slave at the same site in the same band.

I would always recommend a CMM, even in single AP or BH installs.

Thanks for clarifying that. I know better…