5.2 GHz 20 Mbps Extended Range w/ reflector kit

Did anyone know that these units only allow you to software toggle the Tx power between 0 - 5 dBm? My guess is that they assume you are going to use the reflector kit.

Also, where can I find an actual manual for 8.2.7?


Yep. They’ve all come with software adjustments for TX output 0-5dBm.

Ok, so what is the Motorola part number for a 20 Mbps Backhaul unit, without the reflector kit? My assumption here would be that I could go from 0 - 23 dBm?

I just checked the Motorola catalog (we are dealers) and there is not a part number listed for 20Mbps without reflector.

There is, but it comes with AES:



Yes there is that one with AES. I didn’t figure on your using AES though. It seems most people dont.