5.2 GHz Access Point Co-Location

I am working on a small IP Video project and I would like to use Canopy for the backhaul. Specifically, I am thinking of creating a small Access Point cluster which consists of (2) 5.2 GHz Advantage Access Points, and (3) 5.2 GHz Subscriber Modules.

I am debating on whether or not to use a CMM in this installation. Not only will it add to the cost of the project, but it will also make the installation a little more complex. I am usually very pro-CMM for obvious reasons.

I plan on using a mount that Tessco sells that is a cluster-like mount which would allow for (6) AP’s to be installed. My two 5.2 GHz AP’s would be installed on this mount. If I were NOT to use a CMM, my plans would be to use the lowest available frequency in the 5.2 band for the first AP, and the highest available frequency in the 5.2 band for the second AP. Based on +/- 10 MHz modulation, this would provide me with true 30 MHz of frequency separation between the two channels. My question is, has anyone tried anything similar, and if so, will it work? Thoughts, comments?




The Canopy SM’s would be ADVANTAGE also.

Set AP1 to generate sync.
Set AP2 and AP3 to receive sync on timing port.
Jump RJ11 pins 1/6 from AP1 to AP2 and AP3

The AP’s will be in sync with each other, but not any other 5.2 towers. If you need it to be in sync with any other 5.2 towers, use a SyncPipe.

Only 2 AP’s, so:

AP1 - Generate Sync

AP2 - Receive Sync, Timing Port

Cat5 with RJ-11 connectors between the two units:

Pin 1 to 1
Pin 2 to 2
Pin 3 to 3
Pin 4 to 4
Pin 5 to 5
Pin 6 to 6

Or simply:

Pin 1 to 1
Pin 6 to 6


Just 1 and 6

Thanks Jerry.

If you connect all the pins is this a problem? I made a sync cable in lab just to test it and I connected all the pins and had no issue receiving sync.

I have heard of AP’s coming up thinking the default plug is installed when pin 4 is connected…

Better to limit it to 1 and 6