5.2 GHz Extended Range Transmitter Output Power

I received my set of 5.2 10 Mbps Extended Range Backhauls today. I downgraded them from 7.3.6 to 7.1.4. After doing this I came across a configuration parameter that I have never worked with before.

The parameter in question is the Transmitter Output Power setting. It is defaulted at 5 db. According to my specs, the internal patch antenna gain on these modules is 7 db, and using a reflector adds 18 db of gain. This makes the total system gain 25 db.

My question is, does the Transmitter Output Power setting adjust the gain of the internal patch antenna? In other words, is having this setting fixed at 5 db lessening the total system gain by 2 db? Or does this setting adjust something else?

Canopy Tech Support sounded “iffy” when I asked this question and they said having it set at 5 db on both ends of the link with reflectors at both ends is the maximum legal limit. Is this the case?

Thanks in advance.