5.2 Ghz update from 7.36 to 9.x

I am not sure about this.

Where do I get the update file from, to upload to the BH units?

My AP’s and SM’s are on 9.0.




You will need the MAC address of any Canopy radio still under the 1-year warranty.

You may need to get some of the older versions in order to properly follow the upgrade path - see this thread: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=6421

Keep in mind P7 & P8 BH’s & AP’s [u:2icxl1et]do not[/u:2icxl1et] support h/w sched. and cannot be upgraded past 7.3.6

Be sure to follow the upgrade path listed in the version’s release notes. If the units are currently running v7.3.6 and are of P9 or P10 hardware platform, the upgrade path to v9.4 is:

7.3.6 => => 8.2.7 => 9.0 => 9.3 => 9.4

Thanks for the heads up.