5.2GHz backhauls, extending range.


I’m thinking of getting some 5.2GHz backhauls. However I find both extended range (10 miles) and normal range (2 miles) versions. If I was to put a reflector on an ordinary 5.2GHz backhaul would I be able to get a link over 2 miles? Anyone tried this?

I expect that they would work in the same way as the 5.4. In that case, yes, adding a reflector would increase your range.

you can make a 5.2 link just as far as a 5.7

infact i have a 22mile 5.2 link…however you are not suposed to have reflectors on the 5.2 band

at least that applies for the AP/SM not sure if its the same for a BH

Thanks for the replies guys. I’ll go ahead and get myself some 5.2GHz backhauls.