5.4 lite 10 meg backhaul problems

i all
my problem is i can’t get this ptp link to stop with the session counts and regcounts,its an 8 mile link with los no noise floor below 5700 and no matter what i do it won’t stop reg.the power levels are great at neg 55 master and neg 57 slave rssi is over 1200 master 1400 slave jitter is 1-2 its drivig me nuts. the link eff is solid at 100% even with a packet test of 64 and 10 secs it just doesn’t make any scense that ist not solid altho i am running 8.2.2 and i have read the horror stories anyone think that could be the problem? i am seeing on average 50 session counts and 50 regcounts in a 12 hour period and i have tried every freq except the 5700and 5705 were all the noise is.my customers (all 62 of them) are staring to notice we can’t tweak the link any further any input is greatly welcomed

maybe some radar??
try to use “other” country…

I had a BH link here that was acting like that, I changed the NTP server setting to and it stopped.